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West Paw Toppl (The Complete Guide + Recipes!)

Feeding your dog just got a lot more exciting! By using the West Paw Toppl, your dog can enjoy their meal while enriching their dining experience! Here’s all you need to know about using West Paw Toppl.

A blue west paw toppl filled with fish, blueberries, yogurt, and broccoli.

What is a West Paw Toppl?

The Toppl is a treat-dispensing puzzle toy made of soft rubber with a hollow center. It has unique ridges that keep the treats or food trapped inside, making it an entertaining challenge for your pup. It is similar to a KONG but is open-faced.

The rubber used to make these is called “Zogoflex” and it is softer than similar enrichment toys. This means the Toppl can be stuffed with more food and fillings but the ridges, or “teeth” still hold the filling in the toy to provide an entertaining activity.

They come in many sizes and colors, are dishwasher safe (wahoo!), and are latex-free. These fun toys are also made in the USA and pass FDA regulations, meaning they are super duper safe for dogs. These are like personal mini bowls for our pups!

A dog eating fish out of a blue toppl that also has a greenie in it, cucumbers, blueberries, yogurt, and sweet potato.

Why Are West Paw Toppl’s Beneficial?

This is considered an enrichment toy, meaning it is not just for fun. They are intended to enhance your dog’s eating experience by stimulating their mind through an action-and-reward system.

Mental stimulation: The Topple requires your dog to put work into getting out the treats or food. They have to work the fillings out of the opening on the side or on the top and through the interior ridges. This puzzle-solving behavior provides serious mental stimulation which helps reduce destructive behaviors, lower stress, and reduce’s anxiety.

Slow down eating: This is super important for dogs that have a tendency to INHALE food. By feeding some of their food in the Toppl, they are forced to slow down their eating. This reduces bloating, chances of choking, and other stomach issues.

Teeth and Jaw Health: Because these can be stuffed with anything your dogs love, you can fill them with treats and food that promote teeth hygiene, like greenies. In addition to what your fill these with, the rubber’s texture helps clean their teeth while strengthening the jaw.

Confidence: Confidence is key! For any dog (or human), the feeling of accomplishing a task or solving a problem creates a sense of conquering the world! By mastering the Toppl, your dog will build confidence and continue to want to learn and engage for more rewards for their hardwork.

Blue and green toppls in small and large sizes laying on grass.

How To Use a Toppl

The Topple can be used in so many ways! It comes in a small size and a large size. The large can be filled with food and then the small can be stuffed inside of the large with additional food in it, how fun! These can also be filled and frozen for extra-long entertainment. I have listed a few of Rhubarb’s favorite ways to use the West Paw Toppl below.

West Paw Toppl Recipes

There are so many ways to fill these fun toys! Here are just a few basic ideas to get you going. For more specific recipes, check out all the ideas on my how to stuff a KONG post that will all work well with the Toppl too!

  1. First layer: I like to put small foods like treats, berries, or kibble at bottom of the Topple. These fall out the easiest so by putting them under everything else, they are harder to let loose (plus, your dog will love trying to get them out!)
  2. Second layer: After the dry ingredients, I layer on something spreadable. This can be peanut butter, pumpkin, or low-fat unsweetened yogurt – just something that your dog really loves and wants to get to!
  3. Third layer: Finally, the pretty stuff! This is where I add on anything else I have the Rhubarb likes. It could be carrots, cauliflower, zucchini, broccoli, sprat, greenies, or something completely different.
  4. Freeze: Now that you have a delicious stuffed Toppl, try freezing it for an even longer-lasting treat!
Three green toppls one's bottom layer filled with berries, one with kibble, and one with treats.
Three green toppls one's mid layer filled with peanut butter, one with sweet potato, and one with yogurt.
Three green toppls one's top layer is filled with carrots and a greenie, one with cucumber and fish, and one with broccoli.
A blue west paw toppl filled with fish, blueberries, yogurt, and broccoli.

How To Fill A West Paw Topple

Toppl’s can be stuffed with so many different ingredients. You can even plug the opening and then fill the Toppl with liquid ingredients. So whether you fill this with dry food, sticky food, or liquidity food, here is how to get the most out of the Toppl.

  1. Plug the hole (or don’t): Because the opening is on the side, your dog’s tongue is not as likely to get suctioned into the Toppl as it would be with a KONG. Because this is not a concern, I like to plug the hole with a piece of banana so I can fill the Toppl with liquids, like bone broth, for more flavor!
  2. Fill the West Paw Toppl: Using one of the recipes above!
  3. Freeze: Especially when using liquids in the filling, freezing is almost necessary to minimize mess and maximize fun. Since freezing makes everything stiff, it lengthens the time your dog can spend enjoying it!
A blue topple with the hole plugged with mashed banana and a banana sitting next to it.

How To Clean a Toppl

Toppl’s can be hand washed or put in the dishwasher. As much as I love my dishwasher, I try to always wash the Toppl by hand to keep it in good shape longer. And since these are made with rubber, they clean really easy with a little gentle soap and water. If the filling is sticking to the ridges, simply let it soak in warm water for a bit and then scrub gently with a dog-designated cleaning brush. Be sure to wash this brush well after each cleaning to prevent bacteria from growing.

Dog eating a broccoli out of a blue toppl.

More Exciting Enrichment Toys For Your Pup

Any toy that dispenses treats is an automatic win. It uses energy and is tasty! If you love them as much as we do, here are some other dispensing toys we are loving!

  • KONG Wobbler: These are interactive “pawable” toys that require your dog to knock it around in order to release treats!
  • Bob-A-Lot: Similar to the KONG Wobbler, but with an adjustable difficulty level.
  • Busy Buddy Treat Ring: These keep pups busy while cleaning their teeth at the same time! Rhubarb is a big fan of this one.
  • IQ Treat Balls: Dispenser balls are a great option that reward your dog for playing! As the ball is rolled around, treats fall out.

Or for the dog who always seems to eat too fast, try out a snuffle mat!

A blue west paw toppl filled with fish, blueberries, yogurt, and broccoli surrounded by other stuffed toppls.

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