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The Complete Guide To Dried Sprats For Dogs

Looking for a delicious, healthy, and smelly treat for your dog? Look no further than dried sprats! They are healthy, safe, and great for training. We have compiled everything you need to know about giving your dog dried sprats.

Close up photo of dried sprats for dogs on a white plate

What are Sprats?

Sprats are small fish that are often prepared for dogs to consume. It is a name that is often applied to any small fish that is prepared for consumption. These little fish are found throughout the world, but Baltic Sprat is the most commonly found. It is a European style sprat that is fished from the Baltic Sea.

Sprat for dogs can be found in a variety of forms, including dried, frozen and minced. I prefer to give Rhubarb dried sprat because they are easier to handle, offer a great crunch, and can be broken up and sprinkled on top of food. So, let’s get all the details about dried sprat for dogs!

Are Sprats Good For Dogs?

Sprats are great for dogs! They can be given on their own or on top of food. Just as the omega-3 fatty acids in fish have many healthy benefits for people, it has those same benefits for dogs.

Benefits of Sprat For Dogs

Omega-3 is a unique fatty acid that serves many vital functions within the body and should be a key part of your pup’s balanced diet.

  • Coat and skin health – the fatty acids in sprat help to improve the shine of your dogs coat by combating dry skin. This reduces itching and therefore improves coat health.
  • Controls Inflammation – the omega-3’s in sprats help the body process inflammatory events, such as allergies and arthritis. Not only does it keep inflammation down for arthritis, but it acts as the bodies oil or grease to minimize the effects of arthritis to begin with.
  • Heart Health – fatty acids help the heart by improving the function of heart valves and components, much like it acts as the grease for joints, it acts as the grease for the heart.

Risks of Sprat For Dogs

There are relatively few risks with sprat. Dried sprat is very safe to give to dogs. It is processed in a way that actually reduces the chance of bacteria. They do pose a small choking risk for small dogs. Because dried treats can have sharp edges, it is best to break up the fish and give supervised.

While the high fat content is great for most dogs, it is not suitable for dogs that are overweight or have bowel issues. Both of these conditions can be worsened by adding fat to their diet.

Close up photo of dried sprats for dogs

How often can you feed your dog sprats?

Dried sprats are a great treat option, but how often dogs can eat sprat depends on their health status. Like any treat, they should be given in moderation which is typically noted as 2-3 dried sprats per day. As mentioned above, sprats should not be given to dogs with conditions that are worsened by fat.

Dogs can have dried sprats as young as 12 weeks old (and that delicious, fishy smell make for a great reward when training puppies)! Just ensure they are broken into small enough pieces when feeding to young puppies.

More Healthy Treats For Your Dog

Sprats are a delicious and nutritious treat for you dog, but if you are not so sure because of the fat content, the smell, or another reason, here are few other good options.

  • Chicken Feet – these are high in chondroitin content, which is good for joints. And while fish can seem difficult to handle (hello fish eyes), chicken feet are equally hard to handle.
  • Fish Skins – another great, smelly option that Rhubarb loves! These are also high in omegas and great for a quick training reward. More on the benefits of fish skin for dogs here!
  • Freeze Dried Beef Liver – dried liver is usually sold in small dehydrated cubes. They are a natural and healthy treat that is often recommended and used by trainers.

Or for more common household ingredients that can be used as treats, try feeding your dog a bit of tuna or serve up a small bowl of dog-friendly kefir!

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