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Can Dogs Eat Raw Chicken Bones? The Surprising Answer

Dogs can have chicken but can dogs eat raw chicken bones? Keep reading to find out in this post where we cover all things dogs and chicken bones!

Black dog with head tilted looking at camera in front of raw chicken bones.

As a dog owner, I sometimes wonder if my buddy could consume this or that type of food. Some stuff, like grapes and chocolate, is pretty popular as a huge no-no to feed a dog. But what about uncooked chicken legs or wings?

Can dogs eat raw chicken bones? For your benefit and mine, I’ve done some digging on this topic. In this article, I’ll share with you what I discovered.

Can Dogs Eat Raw Chicken Bones?

Yes, dogs can safely consume raw chicken bones as long as you stick to a few precautions that I’ll address later. Surprisingly, chicken bones can be rich in nutrients to the point that many vets recommend giving them to your dog.

On the other hand, you shouldn’t feed your dog cooked chicken bones. The reason behind this is that, when you cook chicken, the bones become too hard for a dog to chew on. The sharp bones might injure a dog’s mouth or gums.

Now, what are the benefits of eating raw chicken bones?

A whole raw chicken on a white background.

Advantages of Giving Raw Chicken Bones to Your Furry Friend

The first thing you should know is that raw bones have high amounts of nutrients that are essential to a dog’s diet. For example, the feet alone contain glucosamine, which can improve your dog’s joint health, especially if he’s a senior dog.

Besides bones, raw chicken organs are also recommended to give your dog. These organs are rich in protein, which should make up the largest percent of your dog’s diet. Plus, the liver and giblets are easy to chew on.

Let’s not forget that these parts of a chicken contain amino acids that can boost many body functions in dogs. For example, consuming raw chicken bones and organs could help repair damaged tissues, improve skin and coat health, and more.

Even the rough texture of chicken bones is excellent for cleaning a dog’s teeth naturally!

A cutting board full of raw chicken cuts.

Safety Precautions When Feeding Your Dog Raw Chicken Bones

Although raw chicken bones could be an awesome addition to your dog’s diet, they’ll still include some types of bacteria such as salmonella. To keep health risks to a minimum, you’d best follow these guidelines first.

  • Choose bones that are big enough so that the dog won’t swallow them whole
  • Never let raw meat thaw at room temperature but inside a refrigerator
  • Always rinse raw chicken bones under cold water before giving them to your dog
  • Throw any remaining bones away when your dog is done eating
  • Supervise your dog while he’s eating bones to prevent choking accidents
  • Don’t feed your pup more than two bones per week, spaced out by a few days
  • Never give your dog large marrow bones as they might be too thick for his teeth
Older black dog sniffing a raw thicken wing.

In Summary

If you’ve always been wondering, ‘Can dogs eat raw chicken bones?’ Now you have your answer.

You can safely feed your doggo raw chicken bones to improve his well-being. However, keep in mind the few feeding tips that we’ve mentioned so that your dog won’t face any potential health risks.

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