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Can Dogs Eat Ground Turkey? Benefits & Risks

Ground turkey is a common ingredient in dogs food and can be found in many kitchens, but can your dog have ground turkey? This in depth guide will give you all the information you need to give your dog ground turkey!

Dog in front of ground turkey uncooked.

You probably use ground or minced turkey for many delicious recipes. Turkey is a very nutritious and lean protein option and when plain, turkey can be a great addition to your dogs diet. But what about ground turkey?

Multiple brands include ground turkey in their dog food recipes, so in general it is safe for dogs to consume. But there are some things to keep in mind when feeding it to your dog that will keep your pup safe and happy! Read on to find out the benefits of ground turkey and the risks (and how to avoid them by serving it properly!).

Can Dogs Eat Ground Turkey?

Dogs can eat ground turkey just fine, as long as it’s unseasoned and its skin is removed. Raw turkey is not recommended for dogs, so it should always be cooked.

As I mentioned, the turkey should have no seasonings on it, in particular onion or garlic. Garlic and onion are both dangerous to dogs in certain quantities, so be extra sure to avoid those vegetables and spices!

Ground turkey on a plate.

What Are the Benefits of Ground Turkey for Dogs?

If you’re wondering if you can feed ground turkey to your dog regularly, yes, you can. Turkey is actually packed with benefits for dogs because it’s lean protein. If your dog is allergic to chicken, the turkey would be a perfect alternative. It’s also easy to digest, so it seldom causes digestive issues—unless the dog eats its skin.

In addition to being easy on the stomach, turkey is..

  • A lean protein
  • High in phosphorus (an integral mineral for a dog’s healthy bone growth and ligament health)
  • Riboflavin (promotes carbohydrate metabolism)

Things to Consider When Feeding Your Dog Ground Turkey

Even though ground turkey is okay for dogs to eat, that doesn’t mean you should give it away mindlessly. There are a couple of things to keep in consideration:

  • Seasoning: Many turkey brands use onions and garlic for seasoning, which are both poisonous. Make sure to buy the unseasoned ground turkey.
  • Fat: Turkey skin contains a lot of fat, which can have potential side effects, particularly on the pancreas. It also causes numerous digestive problems, so make sure your ground turkey is skinless.
  • Preservatives: Processed meat is often full of preservatives that may cause digestive problems to your dog. So, make sure you buy fresh ground turkey instead of processed brands.
Ground turkey cooked in a skillet.

How to Serve Ground Turkey to Your Dog

Ground turkey is often included in dry dog food as one of the ingredients. So, dogs don’t really eat it on its own or recognize it out of their food. To serve ground turkey to your dog, you can mix it with the dog’s meal ingredients.

If you plain to feed your dog turkey, it is helpful to plan ahead. This can look like browning plain and unseasoned ground turkey and then removing a handful to feed to your dog before adding any spices or sauce to it for yourself.

Uncooked turkey in skillet surrounded by vegetables.


Can dogs eat ground turkey? Yes, your dog can safely eat ground turkey and it offers them many health benefits. But before you feed, make sure the turkey doesn’t contain skin, garlic, or onions. It’s also better if it’s fresh rather than processed because processed meat usually contains a lot of preservatives which can upset their stomach.

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