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Can Dogs Eat Cherries? (+ Signs Of Toxicity)

With odd fruits like grapes being toxic to dogs, you may be wondering if dogs can eat cherries. We’re breaking it all down here!

Dog in front of many cherries.

Our four-legged friends always seem to scarf down something they shouldn’t, be it food or your running shoes. But when it comes to deciding on their menu for the day, we might decide to lean towards food items we already have around the house.

One of the fruit bowl favorites you might think of feeding your pup is cherries. These small red fruits are delicious for us humans, especially when topping a banana split. Can dogs eat cherries, though? Let’s find out.

Can Dogs Eat Cherries?

The answer is a conditional yes. If the cherry is fresh and without the pit, stems, and leaves, your dog will be fine munching on one or two. However, cherries can do more harm than good to our pups and should be avoided when possible.

Varieties of cherries, including black cherries, rainier, and bing contain cyanide in everything but the fruit itself. Cyanide is poisonous to both humans and pets and can be potentially lethal if consumed.

Cherries are known for their health benefits like reducing hypertension, controlling blood sugar, and pain relief. But in order for your canine to reap those benefits, they’d have to chow down on more than a couple, which may put them at risk.

Dog eating a cherry.

Why Cherries Are Bad for Dogs

Other than cyanide poisoning, when swallowed whole, cherries are a choking hazard. They can easily get stuck in your dog’s digestive tract. Smaller dogs and puppies are at a higher risk of choking on cherries than bigger dogs, but it’s best to avoid feeding them whole cherries.

This also includes the processed kind of cherries that are readily pitted. Their high sugar content practically makes them candy, and your dog’s digestive system won’t appreciate that much sweetness.

Another item to avoid is any foods labeled as cherry-flavored. These are usually jam-packed with artificial flavors, sugar, and preservatives, which can cause several issues for dogs, like diarrhea and hyperactivity

And can also cause more serious conditions such as diabetes, obesity, and pancreatitis when consumed regularly for a long time.

Cherry cut open to show pit.

My Dog Swallowed a Whole Cherry, What Should I Do?

So your dog chowed down on a whole cherry, huh? No need to panic; one cherry doesn’t contain enough cyanide in the pit and stem to cause cyanide poisoning. However, you should monitor your dog for any of the following signs:

In case your pooch scarfed down more than one, contact your vet and start monitoring them for symptoms of cyanide poisoning. Symptoms to look out for are bright red gums, dilated pupils, and difficulty breathing. In extreme cases, your dog might go into shock. Once you notice any of the symptoms, rush to the vet.

Dog eating a cherry.

Final Thoughts

Can dogs eat cherries? Not really. Despite their numerous health benefits and tastiness, cherries can cause more harm than good when fed to canines. If your furry friend snatched one from your sundae, you don’t have to worry. Just make sure they don’t get to the cherry bowl in the fridge.

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