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Can Dogs Eat Blueberries?

If you’ve found yourself wondering if blueberries are safe for dogs, the answer is a big yes! The antioxidant-rich fruit is a great treat for pups and can be enjoyed in multiple ways.

An image of blueberries with the face and neck of a dog superimposed on top

Can Dogs Eat Blueberries?

We’ve all felt it: the peering eyes of our pup looking up at us, just dying for one of our blueberries. While you probably wanted to reach into your bowl and toss a berry your pup’s way, you likely wondered if it was safe. Well, good news: blueberries are in fact safe for dogs.

Next time, you can share a bite or two with your friend!

Blueberry Health Benefits For Dogs

Not only are blueberries a safe, low-calorie option for dogs, they’re actually really good for them. The antioxidants that we as humans benefit from are equally great for dogs! Considering the fact that blueberries are one of the richest antioxidant sources in the world (1 cup is made of over 13 thousand), it’s a great way to fight free radicals for us and our pups.

Blueberries are a great source of Vitamins A, C, and K, as well as minerals like potassium, magnesium, and calcium. These are important vitamins and minerals for your pup to have, as together they work to support their immune system, reduce inflammation, and keep them all-around healthy. They even support their skin and coat!

Finally, blueberries (like watermelon) are more than 85% water, making them a great, hydrating snack.

Risks Of Feeding Blueberries To Dogs

As with all foods, there is always a chance of allergies. Before giving your dog a free-for-all with the berries, test the waters. Let them have just a couple, or give them a frozen blueberry treat. If all remains well and no upset stomach is detected, blueberries are a go.

For smaller dogs, blueberries can pose a choking hazard, especially if your dog tends to get excited and skips chewing. Keep a close eye on your pup while they snack.

A clear glass bowl filled with blueberries

How Many Blueberries Can Dogs Eat

As with any human food or treat, blueberry consumption should be limited. Allow your pup to enjoy them as you would any other treat, limiting the portions based on size and weight. Chewy recommends 8-10 per day based on your dog’s size and normal calorie intake. Pup can enjoy these all at one time, or you may choose to space them out throughout the day for a couple of different treat times.

How To Feed A Dog Blueberries

Dogs can enjoy blueberries in a variety of ways. Sometimes pickier dogs like certain types of food, so just because they don’t like one type doesn’t mean they won’t chow down on another!

  • Fresh: Blueberries can be enjoyed fresh as-is! Use them as individual treats or hand over a fresh handful. You can also drop them on top of their usual food for extra nutrients at meal time. (Or even use them to spruce up these dog-friendly banana splits or pup cups)!
  • Frozen: Dogs love a good frozen treat! Though it takes a bit of prep, it’s a great way to give your dog an involved, enriching snack. Plus, it cools them off! This option is great for the summer months. (Pro Tip: Slather peanut butter inside a stick of celery for dogs and top it with blueberries, then freeze!)
  • Pureed: Finally, a pureed blueberry snack can be great for dogs. You can simply blend the berries with a bit of water (or kefir) and drop a spoonful in their bowl or in a kong toy. The puree can also be frozen for a more involved, entertaining treat (like in a stuffed KONG)!
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