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What Are Bully Sticks For Dogs? The Complete Guide!

Bully Sticks are the essential enrichment treat for pups! They can be found at almost any pet store and provide lots of entertainment for those high-energy or bored dogs. They can have some hazards, like any treats, so keep reading for everything you need to know about bully sticks and how your pup can enjoy them safely!

A pile of bully sticks sitting on grass.

Bully sticks are one of those things that you will never have heard of until you have dogs. Then, you get a dog and suddenly you have a bully stick in every room!

If you are not sure what bully sticks are, they are long-lasting chews made from cow muscle. They resemble sticks and typically smell like death (I mean, like the best meal your dog has ever had). They can come as sticks, braided, long, short, wide, or skinny.

Bully sticks are made from a single ingredient making them safe to chew and digest. And, because they are made from beef muscle, they take a long time to chew down which helps curb anxiety in dogs and clean their teeth.

Up close image of bully sticks that are reddish brown in color and resemble sticks.

What are Bully Sticks?

Bully sticks are a tasty, single ingredient treat. They are made of beef pizzle muscle (and if you want to know what that is, Google it), which is packed with amino acids to support muscles, brain, skin, and coat.

Are bully sticks the same as rawhide?
No! Unlike rawhide, which can be hard to digest, bully sticks are made from muscle which makes them very easy for dogs to digest and they do not have splinters that can be a safety hazard. They can be found in most stores in the pet aisle next to other treats.

Bully sticks spread out on grass with some overlapped on each other.

Are Bully Sticks Good For Dogs?

Yes! Bully sticks for dogs have so many benefits, both from chewing and from a nutrition standpoint.

  • Entertaining – Bully sticks are made of beef and therefore smell delicious to dogs. And because they are beef muscle they are very tough. This combination of tasty flavor and durability help keep dogs entertained for quite a while!
  • Teeth Health – Bully sticks are unique in that they chew like a stick, but do not splinter. This makes them exceptionally good for cleaning teeth and gums by removing plaque and tarter without hurting their mouth.
  • Nutritious – Bully sticks are packed with amino acids which support a dog’s skin, coat, and muscles. They are also very high in protein making them a more nutritious treat than standard small treats.
  • One for all – Bully sticks are great because they come in so many different shapes and sizes. For the aggressive chewers try a braided, thick bully stick. For a gentle chewer, go for a skinny straight bully stick. And for those of use with too smart for their own good dogs, try a shaped bully stick.
Are Bully Sticks Safe For Dogs?

Yes, bully sticks are safe for dogs when given in moderation and under supervision. They are much safer than rawhides because they break down as they are chewed. But, they can pose a choking hazard when only a small end remains. To prevent this, you can use a Bully Stick Holder or Bully Buddy to keep your dog from swallowing the end of the treat. The holders essentially grip the end of the bully stick, thus not allowing them to swallow the end.

Are bully sticks safe for puppies?

Yes, bully sticks for puppies is fine as long as your puppy can eat hard food. They provide the same amount of health benefits and dental health benefits to puppies as they do for adult dogs. Plus, we all know puppies need all the entertainment they can get (especially when they’re teething!)

How many bully sticks can dogs have?

Dogs should have no more than one bully stick a day. Generally, treats should not make up more than 10% of a dog’s diet based on their calories. And like any treat, always give in moderation and under supervision. If you are just beginning to give your dog bully sticks, start with only 10 minutes of time. Any more than that can lead to an upset stomach are sore gums from the excessive chewing required. As they have them more, they may be ok enjoying a bully stick for longer periods of time.

Bully sticks lines up next to each other on grass.

Where Can I Buy the Best Bully Sticks?

When looking for the best bully sticks, look for ones than have no additives, are all-natural, and fit your dog’s chewing habits and size. Bully sticks also come as ones that smell and ones that are odorless. Some dogs do not like odorless ones, so this will vary on your pup. Below are a couple of trusted brands to try. They can all be found on Amazon, Chewy, and in some pet stores.

More Tasty Chewable Treats

If bully sticks are not your pups thing, try one of these other delicious chews!

  • Beef Cheek Rolls Super long lasting chews that are also safe to digest!
  • Himalayan Yak Chews – Made from yak milk, these chews are very durable and tasty for dogs!
  • Greenies – The original teeth cleaner (next to sticks) for dogs! These are a great, odorless, option that travels well and that dogs love!


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