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Beef Cheek Rolls For Dogs: Are They Safe?

Are you in need of a safe and delicious treat for your dog? Then look no further! Beef cheek rolls last SO long and are safe for dogs making them perfect for those who chew through anything. And if you are not sure what beef cheek rolls are, don’t worry, here is everything you need to know about them!

Beef cheek rolls laid out on grass.

Chewing is a natural instinct for dogs. It helps them keep their teeth in tip-top shape, is a mental stimulus, and a way to release anxiety. All things needed for a happy and healthy dog! But, many long-lasting or durable toys are not really durable or can make our pups sick if ingested incorrectly (looking at you Nylabones).

This is where cow cheek rolls for dogs comes in! When rolled and baked, they are a natural treat that won’t harm your pup. Plus, they can withstand an insane amount of chewing, which is absolutely necessary for any high energy dog.

Beef cheek rolls stacked on top of each other.

What are Beef Cheek Rolls?

Cheek rolls for dogs are sturdy chews made from dried beef cheek that has been rolled up. They typically come in two sizes to ensure your dog gets the size appropriate for them. Because the chew is rolled up beef cheek, as a dog chews it unrolls for more fun and entertainment. The best part is that beef cheeks are easily digestible so as your dog continues to chew, they will have no problem eating and digesting pieces of beef cheek rolls.

Benefits of Beef Cheek Rolls

1. Entertaining

Being these are made of beef, you can imagine just how delicious Rhubarb and your dog think they are. The combination of flavor and their durability help to keep boredom at bay and calm anxiety, therefore minimizing the number of shoes lost to your four-legged friend.

2. Durable

Unlike many other types of chews, beef cheek rolls do not easily break apart or crumble. They are also made with a thick single piece of beef cheek making them more durable because my dog has to chew through a thicker treat (they’re comparable in durability to Himalayan Yak Chews!

3. Teeth Health

While these chews do soften as they are chewed on, they start out hard. As your dog chews on them, it will clean their teeth and help remove plaque and tarter. These are a great way to keep your dog’s dental hygiene in tip-top shape and are a great substitute for Greenies!

4. Nutritious

Beef cheeks contain more vitamin C, vitamin B, iron, and collagen than any other cut of beef. Vitamin C and B help support their immune system, Iron keeps their energy levels up, and collagen promotes joint health in dogs.

How often can you give your dog beef cheek rolls?

It is recommended to only give your dog 1 to 2 beef cheek rolls in a week period.

5. Flavorful

Being made from 100% beef, dogs love the smell and taste of these. One amazon review noted that these smelled like a corpse. So maybe that doesn’t sound good to you or it sounds slightly disturbing that this person knows that, but to your pup, this is a gold mine of flavor! To be fair, these do not always smell, some have no smell at all. Always check ingredients for beef cheek rolls, because some may have added chemicals that could contribute to a more processed smell. My preferred chews only use beef cheek.

Beef cheek rolls lined up next to each other, each one varying slightly in a tan color.

Are Beef Cheek Rolls Safe?

Yes, beef cheek rolls are generally safe for dogs and are far safer than common rawhide. As a dog chews, the rolls become soft and digestible, so with appropriate supervision and access to water, beef cheek rolls are very safe for dogs. However, if a piece breaks off and creates a sharp edge, it should be removed or filed down before giving the roll back to your dog. Also, be on the lookout for any pieces that are large enough to cause your pup to choke.

Beef cheek rolls laid out on grass.

How are Beef Cheek Rolls Different from Rawhide?

Rawhide is very popular and loved by pets around the world. It is made from processed beef skin resulting in a tough, stick-like chew. As a dog chews it, it should soften but often times a dog will break off a piece if is a low-grade rawhide. This little piece is the ultimate choking hazard.

Beef cheek rolls are made from the beef cheek which is a thick and almost fatty piece of the cow. With the thicker skin, these cheek rolls last longer for a dog but because they are a softer, fatty piece of meat, they are high digestible as they soften.

The Best Beef Cheek Rolls

The best kind of beef cheek rolls are those with limited ingredients and those large enough to inhibit choking. Below are a few of Rhubarb’s favorites!

Beef cheek rolls laid out on grass.

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Saturday 21st of January 2023

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Wednesday 5th of April 2023

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