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Hi there, we’re Sarah and Rhubarb. Welcome to Bone Appétreat! Bone Appétreat is your source for all things dogs and food. Our mission is to help you feed your dog good food (but like, in an easy, judgement-free kind of way).

Our Tail

Our story starts long before Rhubarb was even a thought, back when Sarah first fell in love with human food. She graduated from Penn State with a Bachelor’s Degree in Nutrition, then kept that wild love of food going by earning a Master’s Degree in Sensory Science (essentially the study of food as it relates to the senses). Put simply, she loves food. And shares all of her tasty vegetarian recipes on her human food site, Live Eat Learn.

So when Rhubarb fell into her lap in May of 2021, so began her journey into the world of dog food and nutrition!

Rhubarb was the lovechild of two farm dogs, an Australian Shepard and a Red Heeler. The farmer who owned Rhubarb’s mom and dad, likely impatient at having to handle a litter of surprise puppies, separated the litter at just 6 weeks. So Rhubarb barreled into Sarah’s world far too young and at just 3.5 lbs. Sarah has been trying to compensate for Rhubarb’s lost childhood ever since.

But without any understand of enrichment, dog nutrition, or mental exercise for dogs, Sarah spent hundreds of dollars on toys and gear that Rhubarb couldn’t care less about.

But there was one thing Rhubarb always had a veracious interest in…food. Constantly pestering Sarah during photoshoots for Live Eat Learn (like during this pumpkin pasta shoot), Sarah began to wonder what foods she could feed Rhubarb to help her live her best life. And so, Bone Appétreat was born!

Our Mission

We’re helping you to feed your dog better food, but in an easy, judgement-free kind of way.

Frustrated by the opinionated echo chamber that can be some dog communities, we created Bone Appétreat to be a source for dog nutrition information, recipes, and enrichment ideas (without any of the judgement).

Guided by Science

Using decades of experience in the world of research, and by working closely with trained dog professionals, we’re creating a source for science-backed dog nutrition information.

Ready to dig in? Check out these dog food recipes your pup will love, or learn a bit about dog nutrition, or see what dog gear we love!